Bind yourselves to your brethren. Those bound together in love bear everything with ease.... If now you want to make the bond double, your brother must also be bound together with you. He wants us to be bound together with one another, not only to be at peace, not only to be friends, but to be all one, a single soul. Beautiful is this bond. With this bond we bind ourselves together both to one another and to God. This is not a chain that bruises. It does not cramp the hands. It leaves them free, gives them ample room and greater courage.

-- St. John Chrysostom, Homily on Ephesians 9.4.1-3

Friday, February 16, 2018

Printable Prayer List

Elissa, Zacchaeus, Scott, Daniel, Kalliopi, Sophia, Maria, Gwen Elizabeth, Efraimia, Marie, Eleni, Julia Elizabeth, Magdaleena, Dimitrios, Evlalia, John, Panayiotis, Elizabeth, Ioana, Marinela Ionela, Christina, Maria, Katerina, Stavroula, Kassiani, Elizabeth, Christina, Roxana Nicoleta, Irini, Kostandina, Thomas, Maria, Irene, Tatiana, Maria, Magdalini, Anastasia

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Great Lent begins on February 19!

We hope you'll join us for the coming Great Lent!  Register below.

If you're interested, I am also putting together daily family readings for Great Lent with my friend, Kristina Wenger. Our website is up at and this will be a new podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, called "Tending the Garden: Family Meditations for Great Lent".

May all of our efforts for the coming fast be blessed!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Your Starting Kathisma

The Kathisma on which you begin on day one is listed below. Each day, you'll add one to the number, working your way through all 20 Kathismata twice.